• Innovative Stem Cell Systems

    Human Embryonic Progenitors, Stem Cells & Reagents

    We offer novel stem cell systems for academic and industrial purposes. Our products enable researchers to enhance their discovery efforts for developmental biology & regenerative medicine applications.

  • PureStem™ Human Embryonic Progenitors

    Novel tools for the study of Developmental Biology & Stem Cell Research

    Optimized for the study of a tissue genesis including bone, cartilage and muscle.
    Learn more - explore our unique collection of Ectoderm, Neural Crest and Mesoderm progenitors.

  • PureStem™ Cell Differentiation Packages

    Explore our collection to easily generate Bone, Cartilage & other differentiated cells.

    Purchase our discounted packages!

    Packages include PureStem Progenitors, Growth Media, Differentiation Kits with Glycosan's HyStem Hydrogels.

  • Fully Sequenced cGMP Human ES Cell Lines

    Research Grade and Clinical Grade lines available

    Xeno free, cGMP, fully characterized, documented clinical grade human embryonic stem (hES) cell lines.

    Explore our unique collection: ESI-017, ESI-035, ESI-049, ESI-051 and ESI-053.

  • Purified Recombinant Proteins

    We offer a variety of highly active recombinant proteins used for stem cell and developmental biology.

    Explore our collection of recombinant protein families including: FGF, TGFβ, PDGF, BMP, our entire collection.

About us

LifeMap BioReagents is operated by LifeMap Sciences, Inc a subsidiary of BioTime, Inc (Symbol: BTX). Operations worldwide are carried out from its offices in California and Massachusetts, USA.

We offer innovative, human embryonic stem cell and progenitor cells and other related reagents for biomedical research. Our reagents are displayed within GeneCards, MalaCards and LifeMap Discovery databases, providing a unique experience that enables biomedical researchers to identify those reagents that can enhance their research and discovery efforts in variety of biomedical fields.

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