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Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line ESI-017 - (46,XX)

CAT #: ES-700

Cell Line ESI-017 was derived using procedures and documentation that are in compliance with cGTPs and cGMPs1 and is the best characterized and documented hESC clinical-grade line available today. Unlike other hESC lines, this line was developed without using either live animal cells (such as mouse embryonic fibroblast feeder cells) or unqualified animal-based products for culture techniques which prohibit translation to the clinic. ESI-017 has been manufactured in compliance with quality systems (cGMPs, cGTPs) required by international regulatory agencies for eventual human transplantation, and has a normal karyotype: 46,XX.

In addition to the standard tests of pluripotency and karyotype, we also provide complete genome sequence by Complete Genomics, Inc., the leading provider of genome technologies. Researchers can review the distribution of important transplantation alleles (ABO blood type) and disease propensity alleles (GWAS), and can also confirm the integrity of key tumor suppressor and oncogenes. This line is STR fingerprinted, allowing for absolute identification at any point during derivation or development. Finally, 10 locus HLA typing is available.

Please note: Embryonic Stem Cell Line ESI-017 has been extensively characterized and is available here as an economic research grade product. It is also available as a clinical grade product allowing efficient translation from clinical research to eventual clinical use. The product offered here is restricted for research use only and is not intended for human use.

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Positive stem-cell markers:


Experimental Data

  • ESI-017 was successfully induced to generate Cardiomyocytes1

Passage number:

ESI-017 is sold at passage 28


MFFs, HFFs, BD Matrigel™, or other preferred substrate for hES cells

Dissociating Agent:

Collagenase, trypsin, microdissection, or other preferred dissociation method

Growing hES Cells:

Change media first four days with media containing ROCK Inhibitor. Change media or passage every day thereafter with media NOT containing ROCK Inhibitor. When the culture is 75-90% confluent, it must be passaged. Cells should be passaged at a ratio of 1:3 to 1:12 depending on specific cell line and intended use of the cells.


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1 Jeremy Micah Crook, Teija Tuulikki Peura, Lucy Kravets, Alexis Gina Bosman, Jeremy James Buzzard, Rachel Horne, Hannes Hentze, Norris Ray Dunn, Robert Zweigerdt, Florence Chua, Alan Upshall, and Alan Colman 2007 The Generation of Six Clinical-Grade Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines. Cell Stem Cell 1, 490-494


These cells are provided for research purposes only. They are not for human use, and may not be used for commercial purposes. The user is responsible for proper handling upon receipt.
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1 vial
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Contents of package

  • 1 vial
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