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PureStem™ Chondrogenic Package SM30, NCr-fac & Meso-latp Progenitor


The PureStem Chondrogenic Package SM30 includes the human clonal progenitor line PureStem SM30, NCr-fac & Meso-latp Progenitor, specific growth media, a chondrogenic differentiation kit and Hystem Hydrogel. When following the recommended protocols, the differentiated cells express late markers specific to mature chondrocytes and their extracellular matrix, including type 2 collagens and proteoglycans.

HyStem HydroGel is recommended for obtaining optimal differentiation results (more information).

This package provides the basis for study of chondrogenesis along with cartilage/bone development and related  diseases, such as degenerative disc disease and osteoarthrisis.

Contents of package

Differentially expressed positive mRNA markers (by microarray):


Experimental Data

  • This package was successfully applied to achieve in vitro differentiation of SM30 to functional chondrocytess

Growth Media:

Growth conditions provided in product data sheet. Growth media included in package. LifeMap recommends using Progenitor growth media EM-1006 , which is optimized for growth of PureStem SM30, NCr-fac & Meso-latp Progenitor.

Differentiation Protocols:

Differentiation protocols are detailed in the product datasheet.


3 weeks


1 West MD, Sargent RG, Long J, Brown C, Chu JS, Kessler S, Derugin N, Sampathkumar J, Burrows C, Vaziri H, Williams R, Chapman KB, Larocca D, Loring JF, Murai J. 2008 The ACTCellerate initiative: large-scale combinatorial cloning of novel human embryonic stem cell derivatives. Regen Med. 3(3):287-308


This package and its components are provided for research purposes only. They are not for human use, and may not be used for commercial purposes. The user is responsible for proper handling upon receipt.
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Product Highlights

  • High propagation capacity
  • Clonally pure population
  • Demonstrated in vitro chondrogenic differentiation


  • Studying chondrogenesis
  • Studying cartilage-related diseases
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About HyStem Hydrogel

The HyStem Hydrogel is a xeno-free Hyaluronan-based hydrogel product designed for optimal culturing of cells. HyStem can be customized by adding extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins or cell attachment peptides into the hydrogel to provide attachment site and/or differentiation signals. HyStem Hydrogels can also be varied by changing the hydrogel rigidity to match that of the native cell environment.

HyStem Hydrogel is recommended for optimal differentiation for this product.

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Contents of package

  • purestem sm30 ncr fac meso latp progenitor
  • purestem chondrogenic differentiation kit em 2001
  • progenitor growth media em 1006
  • HyStem Hydrogel - Recommended for optimal differentiation
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